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The Bose Market is the main driving force of the Bose economy as it is where all merchants of any status can go and do business around here with each other and customers. The accumulation of many merchants gathering here makes a huge profit for the City of Bose. As a result, many shops with a huge assortment of items can be seen here.


After the Hundred Days War, Bose was in shambles since its region and the city was basically turned to rubble by the Erebonian Empire. However the mayor at the time (the father of the current mayor, Maybelle) took to redesign the whole market and gather every merchant to do business and work here. With the accumulated wealth as a result, the whole City of Bose was rebuilt to its whole glory. Later on, the Bose Market would be built with the wealth of the merchants.


The Bose Market is located exactly at the center of the northern block of the city. Inside contains many stores of items to purchase and look at. As it is akin to a mall, there are many NPCs inside to talk to and there are 4 entrances into the market. The architecture looks likes a dome and its all indoors with a fountain in the middle. On the sides contain stores with many of them as stands used by the merchants. There are also a lot of newbie merchants inside too.

Spence PharmacyEdit


Item Effect Price
Tear Balm Heals 200+ HP 200 Mira
Purging Balm Cures Poison/Sleep/Blind 100 Mira
Softening Balm Cures Freeze/Petrify 100 Mira
Smelling Salts Cures Confuse/Sleep/Faint 100 Mira
Reviving Balm Cures KO/ Heals 100+ HP 200 Mira


  • Spence - an old man and merchant of the pharmacy. He knows a medicine man in Rolent and he himself likes to look for ingredients for his medicine.

Felicia's Hardware StoreEdit


Item Category Effect Price
Work Helmet Accessory DEF+3 1000 Mira
Laundry Pole Weapon (Estelle) STR+7/RNG+2 500 Mira
Paring Knives Weapon (Joshua) STR+10 500 Mira
Insulating Tape Healing Item Cures Mute 100 Mira
EP Charge Healing Item Restores 100 EP 500 Mira


  • Felicia - a merchant and mother who's husband, Lore, is still in Ravennue Village to fix the problems there.
  • Pomme - Felicia's son who likes to help out with the shop.
  • Meissen - a customer who likes to look at the wares in their shop.

Minuet's Magazine StandEdit


Item Effect Price
Liberl News- Issue 2 Recounts beginning of Missing Linde 100 Mira
Liberl News- Issue 3 Recounts Capua Family ransom 100 Mira
Liberl News- Issue 4 Recounts resolution of the Missing Linde 100 Mira
Carnelia - Chapter 1 Part 1 [Imperial Chronicle] 1000 Mira
Carnelia - Chapter 2 Part 2 [Train Station] 1000 Mira


  • Minuet - the owner of the shop who complains about her lack of shipments due to the closed down airliners.
  • Libro - a customer who eventually starts working to keep all the books in tip top shape.

Katrina's ConfectionaryEdit


Item Effect Price
Sweet Sponge Cake Heals 200+ HP/SPD+15% 250 Mira
Floral Jelly Heals 550+HP/Cures Poison 300 Mira


  • Katrina - owner, because her fiance was on the missing airliner so she has to work the shop.
  • Gantz - an admirer of Katrina and always buys her stuff.

Paul & Elk's OutletEdit


Item Category Effect Price
Strega-J Footwear DEF+6/MOV+1 1000 Mira
Red Scarf Accessory DEF+2 1000 Mira


  • Paul - owner of the shop who quits his job as a Royal Army National Guardsmen to make clothing and sell them.

Buck's GreengroceryEdit


Ingredients Price
Flaky Potato 10 Mira
Crisp Onion 10 Mira
Dirty Carrot 10 Mira
Luscious Orange 20 Mira
Ripe Apple 20 Mira


  • Buck - the owner who tried to increase prices because of the airliner shutdowns but berated by the mayor along with Trayton

Trayton FoodsEdit


Ingredients Price
Tri-colored Rice 200 Mira
Aged Miso 300 Mira
Vintage Wine 300 Mira
Fresh Milk 50 Mira
Fresh Eggs 10 Mira
Sharp Cheese 30 Mira
Milled Flour 4 Mira
Marbled Steak 100 Mira
Maple Sugar 4 Mira
Kibbled Salt 4 Mira
Olive Oil 16 Mira
Fresh Herb 10 Mira
Black Pepper 10 Mira
Red Pepper 10 Mira


  • Trayton - owner who got berated by Mayor Maybelle due to rising up the prices of his food along with Buck.
  • Carol - a shopper with a different dish in mind all the time.

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