Azure tree
The Azure Tree (碧の大樹 Ao no Taiju?) is an enormous, magical structure that appears in Ao no Kiseki. Described as the Azure Teasure (碧の至宝?), it is KeA's evolution of the Zero Treasure (零の至宝?), as being the final phase of The Zero Project (零の計画 Zero no Keikaku?)



The interior of the Azure Tree is comprised of different territories, which include The Sanctuary, the cavernous Territory of Shou, the garden-like Territory of Siki, the hellish Territory of Gou and the chained labyrinth Territory of Kai. The final chamber, The Farthest, is where KeA is held captive and where the Azure Demiurge is fought.

The SanctuaryEdit

Territory of ShouEdit

A cavernous area with lightning strikes. It is here where Demon Wald is fought.

Territory of SikiEdit

Territory of GouEdit

Territory of KaiEdit

The chained labyrinth of Kai.

The Road of FarthestEdit

A short area with a path leading to the The Farthest, the final area of the tree.

The FarthestEdit

The final area where Mariabell is encountered along with the imprisoned KeA. The Azure Demiurge, using KeA as its core, is fought and defeated here.

Notes TriviaEdit

The Azure Tree is the tallest structure seen in the series. Leonidas mentions that the tree must be over 2,000 arges tall during the events in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

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