Attachment item
Attachment Items (アタッチアイテム Atacchi Aitemu?) are decorative accessories available only in the Playstation Network Store, and exclusive only to the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy and the EVOLUTION Remakes. Since they have no property functions in the game, they are defined as costumes and not accessories for extra decoration (just to be saved for snapshots).

Trails of Cold Steel

Name Description Obtainment
Hug-hug Beary
A cute beary-beary that hugs on the arm Micht's Pawn Ship (trade 10 U-Materials)
Hug-hug Bunny
A cute bunny-bunny that hugs on the arm Micht's Pawn Ship (trade 10 U-Materials)
Nyan-Nyan Set
Kitty-ear headband Micht's Pawn Ship (trade 20 U-Materials)
Student Council Band
Only worn by Student Council members only Final Chapter
Automatically received until the end of the Academy Festival's opening day.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

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