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Arios Maclaine

Arios maclaine

Arios maclaine zero-evo

Kanji アリオス・マクレイン
Rōmaji Ariosu Makurein
True Name
Alias The Divine Blade of Wind
Physical Information
Age 30
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Beaver Brown
Hair Color Deep Navy Blue
Weapon Long Katana
Relatives Saya Maclaine (wife)
Shizuku Maclaine (daughter)
Orbment Time
Affiliation Crossbell State Police Department (formerly)
Crossbell Bracer Guild (formerly)
Crossbell Defense Force (formerly)
Occupation Wandering Swordsman
Police Detective (formerly)
A-Rank Bracer (formerly)
Crossbell Secretary of Defense (formerly)
Main Game Appearances Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor Toshiyuki Mordkawa

Arios MacLaine (アリオス・マクレイン Ariosu Makurein?) is the A-Rank Bracer of Crossbell City in the Zero & Ao no Kiseki duology. Formerly a police officer and Guy Bannings's partner, he left the force and became an Official Bracer after a tragic accident that killed his wife and blinded his daughter.



Character ProfileEdit



  • He and Cassius Bright both share the following:
    • They are swordsmasters in the Eight Leaves One Blade style.
    • Both tragically lost their wives from conflicts, forcing them to step on matters for their children.
    • Described as being "All-Rounders", to be capable as high-ranked bracers, respect military superiors, and a caring parent.

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