Angelica Rogner

Angelica rogner sen2

Angelica rogner sen1

Kanji アンゼリカ・ログナー
Rōmaji Anzerika Rogunā
True Name
Physical Information
Age 19
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Aqua
Hair Color Dark Magenta
Weapon Manifers, Martial Arts
Relatives Gerhart Rogner (father)
Heidel Rogner (uncle)
Orbment Time, Space
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Occupation Student, Biker, Battleship Pilot
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor Naomi Shindo (JP)
Kimberly Brooks (US)
Feh. If you intend to stand in our way, then I won’t hesitate to beat you down and put you in your place.
—Angelica, Sen no Kiseki II

Angelica Rogner is the daughter of Nortia province's Marquis Gerhart Rogner. Her family is one of the Four Great Houses.

She acts as a mentor to Class VII at Thors Military Academy.


Angelica is openly lesbian and often shocks classmates with her forwardness, never missing a chance to make passes at attractive young women. Despite her rakish demeanor, Angelica is a steadfast friend to Class VII, always being there when she is needed.

Character ProfileEdit

A quirky and attractive noblewoman, Angelica wears a black one-piece biker outfit and enjoys riding her treasured orbal motorcycle. This student life is one many would consider uncouth for such a high-ranking young noblewoman. After an incident in the Luure Iron Mountain, her father becomes indignant with her and pulls her out of Thors Military Academy, though officially her departure is simply a leave of absence. She gives Rean her beloved motorcycle and leaves the school.

After regrouping with Class VII in Trails of Cold Steel 2, she becomes the official pilot of the battleship Courageous.

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