The Amberl Tower is one of the 4 ancient ruins called the Tetracyclic Towers in Liberl Kingdom. This particular tower is located in the Bose Region south of the City of Bose. There is an optional hidden sidequest that can be done during chapter 1 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky that involves scaling up the tower and saving Professor Alba from some monsters. In the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, this and the other 3 towers play a much bigger role to the overall story.


The tower is located in the Bose Region and it can be reached by going along the New Ansel Path and taking an intersection to the west to make it into the tower. The tower itself holds a theme of minerals and rocks with a brownish chrome to its decor.

Treasure Chests/Quotes ListEdit


  • Tear Balm - "It's empty, but you noticed something carved on the bottom. It says, [The secret password is . . . ChairmanMeow.]


  • Fried Eyes and Eggs - "Limit: One per adventurer. -Dev Team"
  • Reviving Balm - "It's. . .empty. . .Curses!
  • Tear Balm - "Don't touch it! It's EMPTY!"


  • Chain Mail (Enemy Trap) - "The chest is empty because someone came and took the stuff out. You wouldn't know who did that now, would you?"
  • Emerald Talisman (Enemy Trap) - "The chest is empty. . .How depressing. . ."

Enemies ListEdit





The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter (SC)Edit

After being taken control of Ouroboros, a barrier surrounding the tower transports the group into a different dimension. Renne is fought at the top of the Amberl Tower.

Treasure ChestsEdit


  • EP Charge III


  • Mirage Ring
  • Blue Falcon
  • Taichi Suit


  • Hakakushi Quartz
  • Skull Pendant


  • Amberl Light Pearl
  • Data Crystal 12-15
  • Lebens Borne
  • Tempest Cannon
  • Amberl Light Talisman
  • Lohan Staff

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