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Altina Orion
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Altina Orion CS3

Altina orion sen2

Kanji アルティナ・オライオン
True Name Model - 0z74
Alias Black Rabbit (黒兎)
Physical Information
Age 13
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Lawn Green
Hair Color Silver
Weapon Claimh=Solais
Relatives Millium Orion (Older Sister - Model 0z73)
Orbment Time, Earth
Affiliation Iron Blood
Occupation Terrorist, Undercover Agent
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor Risa Taneda
I’d wager there isn’t any point in engaging beyond this.
—Altina, Trails of Cold Steel II

Altina Orion is a mysterious young girl who goes by the code-name “Black Rabbit,” and manipulates a jet black puppet called Claiomh=Solais. As a supporter of the aristocrat union, she operates throughout the empire in secret. Even before Rean and company, her personal history remains mostly unknown. She has the same last name as Class VII member Millium Orion, a similar puppet, and a great number of other features.


She appears like a little girl with silver long hair tied in two ponytails that danger on the front side, and lawn green color eyes. She apparently wears a dark-grey sleeve shirt with different design line marks, short shorts hidden beneath the long-sleeve shirt, and a diamond pattern in the middle that shows her belly while the mid-chest area is covered. Also with the outfit comes a hoody with two rabbit-like ears. She wears the same color style of boots up to her knees, has a metal armor knee pad on her right, fingerless gloves. Accessories are two gold hair bees around her dangling ponytails, and one around her neck collar; like a cat’s bell. Attach to her outfit, she has a long thread tail with a metal circle shape with three metal tail-feathers from shortest to longest. On an appearance scale, most don’t take her seriously in such a sketchy outfit, but one look at her little; friend, and her cold presence might say something differently.


As far as what a normal little girl acts like, she seems somewhat like…she’s a bit more mature. But she seems to lack a bit of showing emotion, as she acts like a serious person with a pre-program behavior of escalating her situation, matter of targets, and objectives. But there is some form of a little girl with an emotion pass her outer shell, as Rean seems to have her experience more from when he lectured her about what her actions have done, and conflicted feelings she’s unable to register them while most times, she states the obvious actions Rean has done to say something he isn’t that causes mis-confusion. She is roughly the same age as Millium Orion, but the personality is completely opposite.

Character ProfileEdit

HISTORY: While the mystery between Altina Orion and Millium Orion is questionable, what can be said is that they both came from the Black Workshop, a branch relating to the Thirteen Workshops. Altina is Model 0z74, while Millium says she's 'one up' on her; stating she would be 0z73. Clarifying that Altina is Millium's younger sister. But as to why, and how they came to be and using puppets remains a mystery.


SKILLS: Like Millium, she summons her own DOLL that protects her, and goes on the attacks. But it seems that Atlina’s Doll performs slashes while Millium’s Doll performs punches. But like Millium, Altina is capable of performing assigned mission objectives. She seems capable of teleporting herself in the middle of things and disappearing the next minute. Her actions are like that of a preset programming of making soldiers calculate everything, estimating that data, and then some.

Alina’s Craft:

-Black Barrier: Claimh=Solais crosses his big arms over the girl when she does the same thing, as a red magic circle appears beneath her; before develops them to create a barrier. Effect: PHYS Reflect.

-Brionac: Pointing off to give an order of command, Claimh=Solais crosses it’s arms, then unlashes a red beam attack to hit all targets in a straight way, dealing damage amount. Effect: CRITICAL, DEF Down, ADF Down.

-Maser Arm: Lifting up the right arm, will cause Claimh=Solais to do the same act, but instead produce a crimson energy laser arm on it’s structure. Then swings it around in a spin formation, causing a sizable amount of damage on targets. Effect: CRITICAL.

Altina’s S-Craft:

-Magna Bringer: Altina held up her left hand, then points it forward for Claimh=Solais to spin in a ball form before…transforming into some futuristic royal diamond-edge sword with a rocket engine igniting from the handle area of  the sword form. It’ll strike the targets, then fly around to where Altina leaps up to ride it like a surfboard. Spins around the targets once before flying upwards, then aims the blade part downwards before leaping off the diving attack. The rocketing machine sword will impact the targets, causing a large implosion to break the rocky structure, causing a large amount of damage to almost finish off targets.


  • That fact that Altina and Millium are sisters while the latter has the irresponsible playful kid side while the younger one is a bit more responsible, similar to Neptune and Nepgear from the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series.

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