Alan Richard

Alan richard 3rdevo

Alan richard the 3rd

Alan richard fcevo 01

Kanji アラン・リシャール
Rōmaji Aran Risharru
True Name
Physical Information
Age 34 (FC/SC)
35 (the 3rd)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Blonde
Birthplace Ruan, Liberl Kingdom
Weapon Katana
Orbment Fire
Affiliation Liberal Royal Army (former)
Intelligence Division (former)
R&A Research
Occupation Colonel (former)
Company Director
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky + EVO
the 3rd + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor Hiroaki Miura
Let's move, Captain Almathea
—Alan Richard, Sora no Kiseki EVOLUTION

Alan Richard was the commander of the Royal Army and Intelligence Division, and primary antagonist of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


Richard dresses in his very formal commander outfit all the time to show his rank to the people. He stylizes his blond hair to be swaying backwards and he always keeps his sword with him in case he has to fight.


His personality is shown to be very polite and formal despite the fact he is an antagonist in the game. Even his reasons for starting the rebellion are admirable as he just wanted to protect the country he loved so much. He also admires Cassius Bright and esteems him highly.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or character details follow. (Skip section)

Background - Richard was a commanding officer and colonel at the time of the Hundred Days War, and he helped Cassius's plan to use the orbmental planes to perform a blitzkrieg to recapture all the territory for Liberl Kingdom. Serving under Cassius gave him the idea that only Cassius can protect Liberl Kingdom with his skills. Later after Cassius left for the Erebonian Empire to help the attacks there, Richard made the Intelligence Division and Lt. Lorence of the Intelligence Division told him about the Auerole. This fact and the illusion that without Cassius Bright Liberl would fall, He decided to plan his coup d' tat to take over Liberl and instate a puppet government headed by Duke Dunan.

Trails in the Sky FCEdit

Chapter 1 - Near the end of the chapter, Richard captured the Sky Bandits when they were escaping the bracer group of Estelle and Joshua. He used his resource of the Intelligence Division's interaction with the Capuas to find their hideout and capture them. He also brang along Dorothy and Nial to see and publish his accomplishments into the Liberl News. This way he would gather fame so the people wouldn't hate him when he thought he would rule over Liberl.

Final Chapter - Richard would be seen this time as the true villain of the story pulling most of the strings of other villains in the game. The Colonel is defeated by the party in the Sealed Area and afterwards Richard realizes his mistakes and fights Reverie. He is saved by Cassius and is taken to jail. It is then revealed he was in fact a puppet of Ouroboros.


Richard spends most of the game in jail but is released towards the end to help fight the Legion's assault on Grancel Castle.

the 3rdEdit

One of the Doors in Phantasma allows Richard to see his Lieutenant Almathea who left the army and now lives in Ruan City where they had formed a detective agency.


Trivia Edit

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