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Agate Crosner
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Agate crosner sc

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Kanji アガット・クロスナー
Rōmaji Agatto Kurosunaa
True Name
Alias Heavy Blade (重剣)
Physical Information
Age 24 (FC/SC)
25 (The 3rd)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Red
Weapon Great Sword
Relatives Misha Crosner (young sister/deceased)
Orbment Fire
Affiliation Liberl Bracer Guild
Raven (former)
Occupation Bracer (C -> B)
Delinquent (Former)
Main Game Appearances Sora no Kiseki FC + EVO
Sora no Kiseki SC + EVO
Sora no Kiseki the 3rd + EVO
Other Media Ys VS. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga
Vantage Master Portable
Seiyūu Takayuki Kondo (JP)
Bryce Papenbrook (US)
"While its also necessary to push's better to step back and bear a complaint once in a while"
—Agate's intro quote, Sora no Kiseki SC HD-Kai

Agate Crosner (アガット・クロスナート Agatto Kurosunaa?), known as the Heavy Blade, is a main character in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and all subsequent sequels.

Character and AppearanceEdit

As a person, he always appears angry and grumpy on the surface, and is often sarcastic and condescending. With a tough stance and high expectations for new Bracers, he shows his care in a way only he knows how.


Agate hails from a small village in the Bose region.

Before he became a Bracer, Agate was a delinquient leading the Raven gang in Ruan. Brought to justice by Cassius Bright, along with getting his life saved, young Agate knew not how to repay his gratitude; instead, he became a Bracer and swore his loyalty to Cassius.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Edit

Dissappearance of the Linde - Chapter 1Edit

Agate makes a short cameo when he meets the party of Scherazard, Estelle, and Joshua while walking away from Ravennue Village on grunt work. There he compliments Scherazard by calling her "The Silver Streak", and he notes Joshua's capabilities despite his Junior Bracer rank. However he detriments Estelle with her novice abilities and mentality.

Madrigal of the White Magnolia - Chapter 2Edit

He is met next in the second chapter as Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright are moving on to Ruan, Agate helps them fend off a monster invasion at Krone Pass.

Agate doesn't appear again until Estelle, Joshua, and Kloe Rinz are confronting the Raven gang to save a local orphan named Clem. Helping them defeat the gang, Agate apprehends them and the case of a locally burned-down orphanage is reassigned to him.

Agate is later seen chasing mysterious soldiers outside the inn and everybody joins his search. With the help of Seig, they spotted the soldiers at the lighthouse. There, the group fights the Raven gang boosted with strong power again. He then helps Estelle, Joshua, and Kloe fight the mysterious soldiers in the lighthouse. Here is where they discover that Gilbert, the mayor's aide, had something to do with burning down the orphanage. After Gilbert gets stabbed by the mysterious soldiers, the soldiers run for it and escape through the rope. Agate soon angrily follows them and chases them, and before he leaves, commanded that Estelle and Joshua report to the Ruan Bracer Guild of what happened.

The Black Orbment - Chapter 3Edit

Again he takes an absence in the story, until meeting the party in Zeiss, this time with Tita Russell instead of Kloe. He meets them in the Zeiss Central Factory after it got evenveloped by a huge puff of smoke. He assists them to help find Professor Russell where they learn that he was taken by a group of black-clad soldiers. After chasing the soldiers across the building's floor, the soldiers disguise themselves as soldiers of the Royal Army to evade the public outside the factory. After searching for any trace of the soldiers to no avail, he decides to team up with Estelle and Joshua to look for the group of black-clad soldiers. After some intel from Professor Alba while at the Zeiss Bracer Guild, he learns that black-clad soldiers chased Alba out of Esmelas Tower. The party then heads to Carnelia Tower.

When they reach Carnelia Tower, the group is attacked by the same dogs who attacked the Krone Pass in Bose. After climbing the tower, the party finds the black-clad soldiers and they fight. After a hard fight, the soldiers call an airship to escape with Professor Russel. Right before the party runs at the best possible time to get onto the airship to save Russell, Tita comes in shoot the air carrier with her orbal cannon. In retaliation, the soldiers shoot a bullet for Tita where Agate takes the bullet for Tita instead. The soldiers then escape successfully with the professor. Agate then berates and slaps Tita for being an insolent child who can't logically let the bracers do the work where they could've been successful. After the party scales down the tower and reaches the Ritter Roadway, they see Zane, and Agate soon collapses as the bullet he took was poisonous.

After the party brings Agate to the infirmary, the party find some Zemuria Moss to aid the local Septian Church in his recovery with Zane. After being treated with the medication, Tita always goes to tend Agate during the few days he was still in the infirmary. While doing so, Tita hears Agate spurt out "Mischa" which sparks some confusion.

When Agate recovers, he received some up to date info on Professor Russell's kidnapping. Russell is at Leiston Fortress, and he is being kept somewhere. The party decide to use a device to avoid orbmental detection and they decide to use cargo to hide when cargo is being delivered. On the airship ride, Tita asks Agate about who Micsha is where Agate replies as his little sister from his home village. After the party sneaks into the fortress successfully, they get out of the cargo at night.

They soon find Professor Russell in the research and development section talking to Cid, Amalthea, and Richard. The three want Russell to experiment on the Black Orbment for them so they can get more info on it to which Russell berates them for what they've done. After the three leave, the party easily dispatches the black-clad soldiers guarding the door and retrieve Russell. Soon an alarm to the professor's escape causes the party to find an emergency evacuation. They soon meet the Sky Bandits by accident in jail on one occasion, but fortunately a hidden voice lets them in to a secret passage. That voice was Cid who tells them that he was working for Richard, because his family is held hostage. After Cid helps them escape, the whole group decides to split the group. Agate, Tita, and Professor Russell are going to be hiding out of contact so they won't be found while Estelle and Joshua are going to Grancel to alert the Bracer Guild there of the situation at hand. Agate's group then goes to continuously travel to evade detection.

Turmoil in the Royal City - Final ChapterEdit

While traveling away from the Intelligence Division with Professor Russell and Tita, Agate sneaks them all on an airliner to Grancel. Agate does this as he believes that hiding in plain sight is the best course of action to get away from the group. This lead Agate's party to catch up with the rest of the party members right before the Aureole Ruins. Agate, Tita, and Russell learns about the events that happened earlier like retaking the castle and that Colonel Richard and Amalthea escaped into the Aureole Ruins.

While in the ruins, Agate can be one of the playable characters that will help Estelle and Joshua in the final dungeon if chosen. If he is chosen, the group will face against Amalthea and defeat her. The group will eventually meet Alan Richard opening up the Aureole with the Black Orbment. When the party defeats him, the guard robot, Reverie, shows up to exterminate the party. After a long hard battle, Reverie still has power inside of itself while the group is worn out. Luckily Cassius jumps in to slice the robot's arm off. Here is where the party unleash all their s-crafts to defeat the robot. Next, Cassius has small talk with everyone and he berates Col. Richard for always thinking that Cassius is perfect. After the incident cleared up, Grancel's festival for Queen Alicia II began.

At the festival, Agate watched Estelle and Joshua get promoted to Senior Bracer and he saw Cassius give his speech of quitting the Bracer Guild to rejoin the Royal Army to fix Richard's mess. During the festival, Agate is out drinking with Zane and contemplating that he should join next years tournament to further his skills against stronger opponents like Zane. After the dinner at the castle, Agate is talking with Tita where he reveals to the player that he was from Ravennue Village.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (SC)Edit

In the Second Chapter, more is revealed why he has a tough personality. He was the member of the Ravennue Village, where he lived with his little sister and his parents. When he was young, his sister decided to give him a necklace for his birthday. However, some time after, his village was attacked during the war, where General Morgan didn't defend or help with his troops. Inside, he tried to look for his sister, finding out he was too late when he found his sister dead. He gained an indefinete hatred against the army because of General Morgan's refusal to send his troops to defend the village. After he is defeated by Leonhardt, The Sword Emperor, he loses he senses due but Tita imepedes the Sword Emperor. Agate is taken back to Ravennue for treatment. He talks about his past and about his sister about Mischa. This begins to establish a very good relationship between him and Tita. Agate then comes back to his sister's grave, with General Morgan appearing saying he blamed himself for what had happened in the past. Leonhardt even appears with flowers. At this point, Agate is ready to fight but Leonhardt asks if he'd really want to disturb those lying in burial. Agate holds back after hearing this and Leonhardt tells Agate he no longer feels the weakness in Agate. He then tells Agate how they are reaching the final stage of their plan. He then places the flowers and leaves.

The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki The 3rdEdit

The sixth Star Door shows us an event taking place at Regart's lair between Agate and the three Black Ravens. The Boss of the group decides to conduct a test to his three best guys in making them reach the top of the mountain and then beat him. A dispute occurs in the group but they managed to settle the problem and defeat their boss who was proud of them . This test came as the culminating point of their training.


In combat, Agate is a pure physical character that has little chance of developing useful magic skills. In the first installment he's relatively less useful due to his poor combination of magic skills and rather limited selection of combat skills. His crafts are still useful as he contains an ability to increase his CP gauge at the cost of some of his (already very high) HP. This allows him to perform many crafts very quickly and gives him his pure physical and warrior status.

However, from the second installment on he becomes incredibly powerful as one of his skill's new level allows him to basically spam super moves indefinitely, along with a 3rd super move "Dragon Dive" that is a powerful attack on all enemies. He thus rapidly becomes one of the best combat-oriented characters in the game.

Agate's Orbment consists of three lines which greatly limits his arts' potential. 2 of his slots also require only Fire Quartz. Even with using fire arts, he would never be able to get into the high level arts due to his orbment structure. Therefore increasing parameters is all that his Orbment can mostly do

Craft Description Range CP Cost Level
Wild Rage CP+50 but HP-30% Self 0 Default
Flame Smash Attacks small group with fire slash Circle (Small) 20 Default
Draguna Edge Interrupts opponent's casting time Line 20 Default
Spiral Edge Stalls enemy's turn Single (Long) 20 30
S-Craft Description Range Level
Beat Down Unleash a series of sword swings Single (Long) Default
Final Break Unleash surging flames from the ground Circle (Med.) 26

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